Electronic Hookah Pen

Electronic Hookah, also referred to  as “E-Hookah” or “Hookah-Pen” is an increasingly popular vaping device. It is great for those who enjoy the social aspect of hookah smoking but do not want all the bad stuff associated with typical shisha / hookah smoking .

The Hookah Pen comes in a variety of flavours, such as coffee, peach, apple mint and sweet tobacco. These flavours are essentially food flavours mixed with a bit of glycerin for volume and water for vapour. So nothing funny in here.

You can buy all sorts of Hookah Pen’s here.

Broadly speaking, there are three major types of Electronic E-Hookah’s:

  1. Disposable E Hookah Pen (Portable)
  2. Rechargeable E Hookah Pen (Portable)
  3. Rechargeable E Hookah / Shisha (Traditional Looking & usually not portable)

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